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These are release versions on Mac, Linux and Windows. Go here for a free lifetime account at FICS. It is arguably the world's oldest chess server decending from the original ICS server dating to 92 or earlier. It is also still a place to play online with games on its seek graph and offers a different experience than the conventional chess servers. With the new clients, Diamond and Pearl Chess and also for the web app which is the Login Now option, I'm hoping to revitalize FICS and let it grow again, but word needs to get out. Unrated no signup play as a guest also possible. Anyone adding games to the sought graph is welcome.

Mac Signed Installer

PearlChess1.1.1.dmg is our signed installer on Mac. Just run and drag Lantern to the Applications folder. Works on both modern and older Macs. 95 Meg

Windows Installer or Store Link

On Windows it is recommended to get Pearl from the Microsoft Store in order to get updates.

Pearl-1.1.1.msi is the direct installer though this is less frequently downloaded. Updated Oct 23, 2023. 64 bit and 105 Meg

Jar Download for Linux

For Linux PearlChess1.1.jar . Runs with back to Java 8 or modern. Download is one file and GPL. Make it executable and launch it with java. If jar is extracted, it contains full source for this build. For full source control see github link bottom of this page. 31 Meg

This can also be used on Mac and Windows for users with Java installed who want a smaller download. It does not come with Stockfish bundled.

Ubuntu Installer

pearl_1.0-1_amd64.deb is our Debian intaller for Linux, 62 Meg. It doesn't create a short cut, and the app has to be run by typing its name, Pearl. Or a short cut has to be created. Java won't need to be installed as it comes with an app run time. Double click to run it from Downloads folder.

Diamond on Mobile

My Mobile client for iOS and Android is available on a seperate page Also searching Diamond Chess Online on a phone or tablet or Chomebook and iPad in App Store or Play Store will find it.

Pearl Chess board and console

Resuming games now supported and variant support now for all variants including crazyhouse, except bughouse. In wild fr, fischer random, the user must type castle moves, oo or ooo, in console.

Pearl Chess includes Stockfish Engine Analysis when examining finished games or observing games, an opening explorer, a toolbar for easy access to both, game logging, open game log files, a seek graph and is highly customizable allowing any color to be set or a wallpaper used.

Open Source This is a version of Lantern that will run on FICS.

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krell created the Debian installer and adcool made the icon.

For support contact lanternbugs at gmail. The old Lantern bug reporting account is still used for support for all my apps.